“No Signal” is a virtual group exhibition featuring ten Gen-Z artists. It is also the final chapter of an intensive art experiment. Over the course of one month, the artists engaged in discussions on topics such as social media, pop culture, video games, and online spaces in the post-pandemic era. By exploring the digital media that can be seen everywhere, the artists sought to maximize the possibility of non-art media becoming art.

/// <summary>
/// Humans cannot stop transmitting
/// signals. From a biological
/// point of view, even when doing
/// nothing, the human body is
/// constantly transmitting chemical
/// and electrical signals. From a
/// semiotic point of view, the
/// human being is spreading the
/// sign of "no sign" while at rest.
/// </summary>

In this exhibition, the artists invite viewers to decompress signals that cannot be received, that have been deliberately tampered with, or that have been used to display misinformation. These works embody the unique temperament of Generation Z. Under the influence of the information revolution and the pandemic, we travel between limited physical space and unlimited digital space - just like those signals.
Artists: CuRivaille, Elena Wang, Erika Huang, Euphie Yang, Helen Xingyi Li, Joslyn Zhu, Madison Lee, Sophia Yang, Soumil Sarmah, user199810N/A
Curator: Iona Liu

///////////#CuRivaille (b.2004)///////////

New Energy Transformation, 2022
guerilla installation

///////////#Elena Wang (b.2006)///////////

Photoshop, 2022

Her, 2022
video still

///////////#Erika Huang (b.2006)//////////

A Meaningful Day, 2022screen recording

///////////#Euphie Yang (b.2005)//////////

Dear all,I lost my key, but I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in my home.Can you help me find it, please?This is my address:


Euphie’s Home, 2022google drive

/////////#Helen Xingyi Li (b.2006)////////

Talk to Me: Talk to Me, 2022screen recording

Talk to Me: Capsule, 2022digital short film

Talk to Me: Mind Your Mind, 2022manifesto

////////////#Joslyn Zhu (b.2006)//////////

Error, 2022screenshots

Undone, 2022screen recording

////////////#Madison Lee (b.2006)/////////

Urban Browsing History Draft: A City You Want to Explore More, 2022powerpoint

Restore Portrait, 2022digital collage

////////////#Sophia Yang (b.2005)/////////

The Rain 4, 2022digital triptych

///////////#Soumil Sarmah (b.2005)////////

Breaking Sad Combined, p2, 2022digital short film

///////////#user199810N/A (b.1998)////////

Superstructure LLC, 2022corporation've reached the end...